jimmy.is taking a walk practicing tempted making a thing to help with that other thing to get the things from the thing in the right place drawing a map planning a trip suspecting it's not that simple listening to the squeaky wheel programming the robots to take over the work kicking the lurg full of snot scanning the horizon standing in the wind checking the boxes deeply shallow enjoying the view underneath the radar off for a wander weighing up the pros and cons having the insomnia above the mist having a laugh doing nothing feeding the boids looking forward to double glazing a recalcitrant recidivist today planning bedtime stories finding a book to read thinking about it planning building a fence feeding the birds an adventurous homebody returning the keys learning how easily you could slip through the cracks reading about it muttering something about context cueing the music on the mend fading watching videos about dust collection looking at multiple copies of a giant Excel spreadsheet here enjoying the dappled light of a slow Dunedin sunset carefully observing reinflating onto the next thing closing the tab hiding the comments tired of shitty algorithms missing chronological order turning off notifications scheduling the messages making obscure references wondering why you would be interested in this tolerating the neighbours a dull boy all work and no play automating the boring parts wasting ink reading dead trees outsourcing the future not really engaged spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt afraid of missing out trimming the hedgefund checking his balance looking at the macro optimistically cautious nodding off pondering tokenising the garden ignoring the blerkchain reading the fucking manual

James Kirkus-Lamont

Digital designer / producer / geek

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